Jeff Ash


Jeff Ash is the Artistic Director of Westside Improv Studio. He is a teacher, coach, actor, improviser, and man. When he’s not performing, Jeff is teaching people the art of improv. A graduate of The Second City Conservatory in Hollywood, CA. Jeff finds himself doing more snow shoveling now than at anytime in his 12 year stint in tinseltown.

Jeff enjoys spending time waxing nostalgic on his Hollywood acting career. You can see Jeff as “Man in Car” in the upcoming indy film “The Labyrinth”, as well as “Man at Event” in HBO’s “The Newsroom”.


Buzz’s Girlfriend, Flexible BoatRad Uncle

Performs with

Dignan, Jerk Store, Rad Uncle

Jeff’s Upcoming Shows

June 23, 2018
June 30, 2018