Brendon Culhane

Brendon Culhane co-founded Westside Improv in 2014 with Jeff Ash, and now lives in Chicago with his wife and son. Brendon loves returning to Westside to play with Jeff in their two-person show Dignan, and is always super super grateful to sit in as a guest with Rad Uncle. These teams are the tops!

In Chicago, Brendon performs with his Harold team at the i.O. Theater (formerly ImprovOlympic), as well as at CIC Theater as a member of their house team Enjoy Tucson. He also performs every Thursday night at CIC in Bar of Legends, as well as every month with the critically unknown show Fog & Sax, which features a fog machine and a saxophone. He recently co-produced a super-neat 6-month run of shows at the Annoyance Theater called “The Experiment” and also continues to coach improv workshops.

Brendon is always looking to coach something, produce something, or host something… so if you have some weird idea feel free to get in touch!

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