Sam Scheidler

Sam is a longtime fan of improv, ever since he discovered the Improv4Humans podcast in like 2012 or something (shout out to Matt Besser and his UCB friends). He started at Westside with the 8-week class in 2018 and has been totally hooked on improvising ever since. 

After watching a show at Westside and seeing Sally Hepler kill it on the keys, Sam, a pianist himself, asked Jeff Ash if he could give it a go. Jeff was kind enough to give him the chance, and now Sam plays regularly as the musical director for weekend shows. He would like to thank Sally for her great advice, and also Dave Asher for some quality instruction.

Sam is also currently playing with Dirty Bars, both as a pianist and a player, depending on the night. 

Sam would like to extend his gratitude and thanks to the fantastic community of improvisers at Westside for all the support and great vibes. 

Performs with

Dirty Bars

Sam’s Upcoming Shows

February 1, 2020
February 16, 2020
February 23, 2020