Westside Improv hosts several house teams who perform long form improv during our shows:

What is an improv “team”, you might ask?

Improv often demands a high level of trust and comfort, if you want to do it right. If you get a bunch of people together that you’re comfortable with, and that you trust, then you would probably want to keep meeting with them. So that’s one way to get a team.

On the other hand, sometimes you love doing improv but you don’t really know who else loves doing improv. You’re willing to work with anyone. Other people who like doing improv but who also don’t know who else loves doing improv also like doing improv. Sometimes it takes someone else who says, “hey I’m going to get some people together to do improv” and then you have another way to get a team.

Sometimes that second way of doing a team, over time, turns into the first way of doing a team.

But there’s probably a bunch of other ways to do a team.

Come see our teams any and every Friday or Saturday night at 8pm. Bring your team to Westside. Join a team at Westside. Do things in teams!