Classes & Training

Westside Improv Studio provides opportunities for people in the western suburbs of Chicago who want to learn improv. You can find out about our training below!

Classes for Adults (18+)

Intro To Improv (Level 1)

Do you want to learn improvisation? Have you done some improv, but are interested in digging deeper into long-form improv? Do you want to eventually perform in our Players Worskhop or on one of our House Teams?

In all of those cases, our Into To Improv is a great way to start improv at Westside, and it culminates with a performance during one of our improv shows. The cost is $200 and you must register in advance. For more info click here.

Advanced Improv Class (Level 2)

If you have taken our Intro To Improv, our Advanced Improv Class is a great way to improve your skill and go even deeper with improv at Westside. It’s a $190 class that involves 8 weekly sessions focused on playing with confidence, making it personal, deeper characters, richer subtext, and group scenes.

     Even MORE Advanced Improv Class (Level 3)

 If you’ve completed our Intro to Improv class and our Advanced class     and you’re looking for more, the Even MORE Advanced class is a fun, challenging way to continue your improv journey.  It’s a $190 class that involves 8 weekly sessions focused on playing with group mind, the concept of Super YES, and investing more in your scene partner.

New! Ensemble Class I: The One Where You Learn Script Writing

In our 8-week Ensemble Class I, you will learn the art of sketch writing. Brainstorming and writing exercises will stoke your creativity. Instruction in story structure, character development and script formatting will show you what to do with that creativity. Whether you have trouble writing your own name or have two published novels under your belt, this class is for you. At the end of 8 weeks, you will be able to call yourself a script writer.

Players Workshop

If you have taken our 8 Week Class and our Advanced Improv Class, or have already trained at another improv school, our Players Workshop gives you an opportunity to commit to an ongoing training environment. You’ll play in weekly workshops and have a weekly performance on Saturday nights. The cost is $50 every month. Space is limited and you need prior instructor approval to join, so email us!

Musical Improv

Always wanted to try a musical improv class, but worried you can’t carry a tune? No problem. By the end of this class, you’ll become a better singer, but more importantly, you’ll discover ways to use music to make your scenes great, regardless of your ability to win a karaoke contest. This is a course for students of all experience and skill levels, so no auditions are required, and there is no musical or singing experience prerequisite.

Character Development

Are you looking to add some great character work to your improv toolbox? Don’t know how to find a character? Don’t know what a character is? If you’ve answered either yes or no to these questions, this is the class for you.

Classes for Youth (1st-8th Grade)

Youth Acting & Improv Program

Parents, look no further for a unique opportunity for your child to learn improv in a fun and safe environment. Children will have a blast exploring lots of theater and improvisational games. Young performers will learn basic stage and acting techniques while they further develop their creativity.


Email us for more information!